Pressure Guard APM2, King SIngle Mattress and Pump System


PressureGuard APM2 CE, 42 x 78″ Mattress and Pump Complete System King Single 160kg SO

Healthcare Products


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* 1050mm W x1980mm L x 180mm H* Geo Matt Surface Geometry for Reactive Pressure Redistribution* Reactive Surface with Ultra High Performance Seat Section* Quad Directional Stretch Cover with Shear Transfer Zones* Support for Boney Prominances* Very High Risk for Skin Breakdown * Maintenance Free Air Chambers* Treatment of Stage I- IV Pressure Ulcers* Integrated Dual Heel Slope* Hidden Zipper for Infection Control* Side Zone Reinforcement Perimeter* 160kg Max User Weight for Standard Width* 5 Year Warranty, 2 Year Warranty on Pump Unit* Innovative Star Foam/Air Chamber Design* Does not Deflate without Power* Lateral Rotation Feature* Silent Pump Unit* Made in USA

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