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Gauze Swab Sterile 5cmx5cm Sterile 2Pk Multigate

General Medical

General Medical

Medical Equipment, Medical Instruments & Personal Healthcare

Ansteys is a leading retailer of general medical supplies. We cover every need from prevention to treatment to recovery. Browse our range of medical instruments, medical supplies, hygiene and breathing products.

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Bedroom Furniture, Bed Supports & Aids.

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Non-slip Products, Handles, Bath & Shower Accessories.

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Compression Garments

Compression Stockings, Sleeves, Strapping, Applicators & More.

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Pads, Pants, Catheter Equipment & Other Continence Supplies.

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Daily Assisted Living

Personal Aids & Everyday Assisted Living.

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Medical & Mobility Equipment for Hire.

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Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

Straps, Bandages, Binders & Braces.

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Breast Pumps, Nipple Shields, Pregnancy Comfort & Post-natal Recovery.

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Wheelchairs, Scooters, Walking Aids & Mobile Medical Equipment.

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Sleep Aids & CPAP Machines.

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